Chikmagalur Golf Club( CGC) is the Brain child of Mr A B Sudarshan, a noted sports enthusiast, sports person and his close family and friends who collaborated with celebrated golf course designer Mr. Phil Ryan. Phil is known and respected around the world as the masterly designer of Golf Courses. He is the mind behind Poona Golf Course and also the redesigning of the Bangalore Golf Course and Karnataka Golf Association.

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Be one with nature while you play golf!




The Chikmagalur Golf Club has everything to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. It’s a Golfing retreat and a resort surrounded by lush greenery and blessed with amazing weather round the year.

The Club House has a well stocked Bar & Lounge- “Fairway”, a Health Club- “Iron”, a swimming pool, a Billiards Room “ Greens” and a Multi- Cuisine Restaurant- “The Sweet Spot”.

That’s not all, if you wish to stay the night and enjoy the weather, we have well-appointed rooms too! The Chikmagalur Golf Club is undeniably the best Golf Course in South India based on the scenic beauty, a place where you can relax and rejuvenate while enjoying your favourite game.


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